-What is the size of your photo booth?

Our photo booth’s fully assembled dimensions are 75” wide x 40” deep x 72” tall.

-What are the electrical requirements for your photo booth?

We require a standard, 15amp circuit.  This is your standard receptacle (outlet) that you would find in your house.  We only ask that we DO NOT SHARE the circuit with any other devices like DJ equipment, Bounce Houses, stereos, etc. We also ask that the out not be a GFI outlet.

-When do you setup the photo booth?

We usually setup an hour and a half before our start time.  If you’d like us to setup earlier than that hour, please find out the earliest time possible that we can setup.  If we have access to your venue at least 4-5 hours prior to the time you’d like us to start, then usually we can setup the booth early then come back at the time requested at no extra charge.

-How many people can fit in your photo booth?

We get asked this a lot, and we are proud to say that we’ve had 10 people ‘s faces in a photo at once.  This DOES require some creativity and NO they did not all arrive at the party carpooled in one Volkswagen Bug.   Our booth was designed to easily allow for four people, but we encourage creativity AND stuffing!

-When do I receive my DVD with all the pictures and when are our photos posted online?

We will mail your DVD 3-4 days after the event and your pictures will be posted simultaneously.  We’ll send you an email once your pictures have been posted and the DVD sent.

-What kind of props do you provide?

We provide and assortment of props including: hats, wigs, glasses, nose pieces, masks, boas, leis, etc.

-What is your deposit amount?

We require a non-refundable $200 deposit.

-Does the deposit go towards my balance?

Yes the deposit does go towards your balance.

-When is our balance payment due?

The balance is due anytime between when you book and the week before your event date.

-Can we provide our own scrapbook?

You are more than welcome to provide your own scrapbook and all of the materials. Our photo booth attendant will still make sure it gets used, put together, and given to you at the end of the night just the same as if we provided the scrapbook!

-Can we design our own logo instead of using one of yours?

You are more than welcome to design your own logo. If you are using Illustrator or Photo Shop to design your own logo then I can send you over the template for the logo so that you can design your logo directly to it.

-Do we provide backdrops?

Currently we do not provide backdrops for the inside of the photo booth. BUT if you would like to provide your own you are welcome to! Just let me know and I will give you all the dimensions you will need to provide your own.